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Annual presentation

On May 19, the annual presentation, held at our factory, once again gathered a large number of friends, partners and journalists. The guests got a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the whole range of manufactured equipment, production, as well as the first to see the latest developments and novelties.
The format of our presentations allows every guest to see the technique, learn from the specialists the features and benefits of operation, communicate with the designers, in case individual modifications are necessary, and independently create a personal opinion of this or that model.
This year the exposition unites about 40 models of equipment: tipper, curtainsiders, isothermal semi-trailers, container chassis and log trucks, scrap bodies, a line of agricultural machinery, as well as premier models of updated modernized technological trucks TONAR-45251 - appeared before the guests In his best. But first things first….

The main novelties this year were:

- Agricultural trailer PT-10, specially designed for the transportation of grapes. To avoid oxidation, the inner coating of the body is made of stainless steel. The trailer is sealed by a hydraulic roof. The volume of the body is 10 cubic meters.
- 2-tier semi-trailer-animal carrier TONAR-98262, intended for transportation of pigs. A distinctive feature of this model are stationary floors. The lack of hydraulics facilitates the construction and ensures the simplicity and convenience of operation. The capacity of the semitrailer is up to 150 pigs. 
TONAR-952345 - a new model in the line of lightweight tipper semi-trailers for coal transportation. The volume of the body is 29.7 cubic meters. The construction of the semi-trailer (4 axles) allows transportation up to 28550 kg cargo without penalties. For the efficient operation of the coupling, a tractor with a wheel formula 4X2 is required. Type of tent - with automatic cross-winding.
And, of course, a bright novelty (in all senses of the word), past which it was impossible to pass without stopping, was the modernized TONAR-45251 dump truck, intended for operation on technological roads. 
Technical characteristics:

  • Body volume - 25-37 m3 

  • Payload  – 45 000 kg

This dump trucks will be produced with two variants of bodies: for rock and coal.

One of the main features of the design was the cabin of its own production (all-metal, two-seater, aluminum), which significantly reduces the cost of finished products. In addition, to reduce the length of the vehicle, and, consequently, better maneuverability, 2 underground hydraulic cylinders were installed.

 After the demonstration, a traditional press conference was held, at which the following speakers spoke:


  • Cummins representative - Khovaev Alexey
  • Representative of WABCO - Vinokurov Alexander
  • Representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation - Alexey Yartsev - Head of the Department of Road-Building Machinery
  • The technical director of the Ministry of Public Health "Tonar" - Weinstein Yuri Pavlovich.
The event continued with a tour of the plant, where everyone could see and evaluate the degree of modernization and robotization of production: a complex for welding spars, bodies, axles, manufacturing cabins, etc.

The tour ended at the entrance to the factory canteen, where guests were already waiting for a delicious dinner and a warm atmosphere for friendly conversations, congratulations and wishes.

The presentation was a vivid proof of the fact that interest in the technique of TONAR production  grows annually. A large number of visitors (there were about 150 of them) noted that the event was an important event for those who work in the field of cargo transportation and, in one way or another, is connected with the automotive industry.

We thank all our guests and are waiting for you again in the walls of our factory!

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