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Axle with disc brake Tonar-9043

27.04.2017 Since the end of 2016, TONAR began serial production of axles with a disc brake Tonar-9043.
The axle beam consists of a single round tube, 14 mm thick, without seams, which increases its performance under dynamic load.
The ventilated disc brake provides smoother and more efficient braking, prevents overheating of the bearings and reduces the braking distance of the car as a whole.

Long-term corrosion protection of threaded joints, wheel pins and nuts provides a modern Dacromet coating.

Dacromet is an inorganic coating with high adhesion strength, consisting of zinc and aluminum in a chromium blend. This type of coating provides a high degree of protection against corrosion in the water-salt environment. It also provides high thermal stability and low coefficient of friction, without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

WABCO support:
  1. Patented single-piston technology
  2. Protected against corrosion, the bracket with the mechanism
  3. Reliable design of the guide system
  4. Patented pressure plate with wear compensation device
  5. Maximum payload due to lightweight construction
  6. Compact design for easy adaptation on the axis
  7. Excellent resistance when operating on bad roads
  8. Heat-shielded pistons
  9. KTL * coating as a standard for corrosion protection

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