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Specially for collieries

27.12.2016 Specially for collieries TONAR offers a range of tipping semitrailers and road-trains.

One of the problems, which enterprises of transport, road-building and mining industries face, is cargo sticking to a bottom plate and to the sides of a body. TONAR offers to minimize sticking of clay, sand, broken stone and other materials by applying a special polymeric OKULEN coating. This coating has high strength and wear resistance and allows extending service life of a body as well as providing perfect sliding of cargo that significantly reduces time of unloading, improving profitability of your transportations. In addition, it makes unloading safer by virtue of the minimum body lift angle. Tonar has developed a full range of tippers with side unloading. Specialists consider machinery with side unloading more convenient and safe, and, most important, COST-EFFICIENT for carriers by virtue of time saving in unloading as it is unnecessary to uncouple a coupler before unloading. In addition, tippers with side unloading are maximally steady as it is unnecessary to find a level ground for unloading, and there is also the possibility of unloading in areas with a height limit. A three-axle semitrailer with side unloading Tonar-95236 with the load-carrying capacity of 65 tons is considered the most cost-efficient for work on technological roads. And if conditions permit, it is possible to couple two such semitrailers to a traction unit through a vehicle dolly which is also manufactured by the TONAR plant. Thus, the load-carrying capacity of the entire coupler increases up to 130 tons! Taking into account your needs and operation conditions, the specialists of the plant will help you choose machinery complying with your particular requirements and providing maximally efficient transportations: these can be both three-axle and four-axle TONAR semitrailers with side unloading. If severe restrictions for axle loads are applicable to the roads on which transportation of coal is performed, Tonar offers the use of a linked tipping road train Tonar-9540, which are two-section semitrailers with side unloading. Each of the sections of the semitrailer leans on a three-axle bogie. The load-carrying capacity of this road train is 64.5 tons, the body space is about 48 cubic meters. For those who prefer a traditional mode of unloading – backwards – a four-axle tipping semitrailer Tonar-952341 with the load-carrying capacity of 45.5 tons and the body space of 43.5 cubic meters is produced.

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